Baked Goods From Scratch, Handmade Lunches to Match! - Baked goods from scratch, handmade lunches to match!
Daily Breads ($6)

Swedish Rye- Our pride & joy, sweetened with a little honey and a lot of molasses. (dairy & transfat free)

Colony White- The greatest white bread you'll ever eat, nothing more, nothing less.  (transfat free)

Honey Whole Wheat- A whole wheat bread topped with oats, generously sweetened with honey and a touch of molasses. (dairy & transfat free)

Specialty Breads ($6.50)

Spinach Parmesan- The people say, "I don't like spinach, but I LOVE this bread!"  So imagine if you DO like spinach. (transfat free)

Swedish Limpa- Sweet rye bread flavored with ground anise and grated orange peel. (transfat free)

Cardamom Braid- A sweet white bread flavored with ground cardamom*  and orange peel, topped with coarse sugar.  We braid it for a nice, tight grain.  It looks great too. (transfat free) (special order/seasonal)

Cinnamon Swirl- Sweet white bread swirled with homemade cinnamon filling.  Kids (big and small) love it toasted with butter.

*Cardamom is a spice used in Scandinavian baking.  The flavor is somewhere between cinnamon and nutmeg.